The History of The Bath Bun Teashoppe

Step back in time to this traditional and elegant tea shoppe in the historic centre of Bath, still serving the famous Bath Bun with origins dating back to 1761.

Our History

The Bath Bun is possibly descended from the 18th century ‘Bath Cake’.  References to Bath Buns date from 1761, with origins closely linked with Dr. William Oliver.

Dr. Oliver first invented the Bath Bun for his patients at The Royal Hospital.  Their rich, sweet flavour proved so popular for many of his patients.  The Bun, laced with sugar and fruit was so delicious that many of the patients were becoming too large on them.

Due to this, it is believed that Dr. Oliver experimented and developed the plainer, less fattening Bath Oliver Biscuits.  These were later produced for many years at 13 Green Street in Bath.

The original Bath Buns are still being sold to this day!

Our History